"Falling Water" at in Ohio and at SOFA Chicago, 2009.
From July 10th through October 10th 2009 "Falling Water" was selected out of more then 650 aplicants together with 43 other artist to be exhibited at the venue BIGG (Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass) in the OSU Urban Arts Space, and Hawk Galleries in Colombus, Ohio, USA. 13 artist from this venue were then selected to represent BIGG at SOFA Chicago.

Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass introduced a select group of artists to the public with a conceptual and working engagement in glass. BIGG wish to demonstrate a commitment to advancing new and innovative glass art worldwide. Through an international juried selection process and critical writing about work in the field, they intend to expand the discourse about glass art globally.

BIGG's jury 2009:
Tina Oldknow (Corneing Museum of Glass), Lino Tagliapietra and Tom Hawk (Hawk Galleries).


The examiner.com (Chicago) wrote a review on "Falling Water" at SOFA Chicago:


”Falling Water” -
a collaborative work combining glass and video.
Article by Stine Diness and Martin Thaulow.

”Falling Water” - An installation, a ”cloud” made of a formation of a 1000 drops of solid glass, a video projection and a playback of a soundscape.

“Falling Water” in Wakefield
Earlier this year we were invited to exhibit our collaboration project ”Falling Water” in ”The Project Space” at Westgate Studios in Wakefield. We happily accepted,months later packed our heavy bags and took off for Wakefield to set up the installation for exhibition during the CGS September conference at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

When glass and video come together…“Falling Water” is a project presenting glass, video and sound in combination in an art installation. The installation consists of a “cloud”, made of a formation of 1000 drops of solid glass, a video projection on both the floor-surface below and a wall in the space, and a playback of a soundscape in surround sound.

Perception,connection and interaction
The project commenced as a dialogue and was carried on as an ongoing work and progress process. Making “Falling Water” we considered the glass object a frozen momentin time, and then Martin composed the moving images and the soundscape to make them relate and interact.

One of our intentions with the installation is to enhance the spectator’s awareness of time and presence. The “cloud” is a 3D object made by “replicating” the movement of falling drops, and the video loop shows long shots and repetitions of rain, clouds, moving landscapes, a dead cat etc. Using slow rhythm and repetitions we aim at forcing a meditative space upon the spectator. We try to make a pause of reflection in todays busy world, where everybody is rushing from A to B, being constantly bombarded with commercials, noises, expectations and the other aspects of the modern way of life. We want to make people percieve, connect and interact with the installation, hoping they experience it turning into a piece of atmospheric poetry.

Stine’s perspective
Glass in Denmark is almost exclusively classified as a material for craft and not considered as an art genre. I feel this is a conventional approach towards glass and a limitation of the media. Placing glass in a context with video and sound brings glass out of that category, and creates an opportunity for another approach. Working collaboratively gave me a chance to look at glass from a new perspective. It makes me feel like I am given a key to another world of ways of expression: A place where I can play, interact and reinterpret my own work and expression.
To me thecombination of glass and video emphasize the idea of presence and time. Moving images and sound have a variety of combinations and possibilities to illustrate time and feelings that glass isn’t capable of, and therefore it’s a great blend. We have succeeded in creating a fascinating mixture of static glass in adirect interaction with the dynamic flow of sound and video.

The glass object
When making the 1000 glass drops, every single one of them became a psychical depiction of“ capturing a moment”. Each drop required my presense and attention when lettingthe glass fall and then freeze at the right moment, representing a state of my mind.

Martin’s perspective
For 12 years I have been composing images and working in the visual field. I’m working from a theory saying that regardless whether you make paintings, videos, music, architecture, glass, ceramics and all the other visual media, we speak the same idiom. It is all about mastering a media to a point, where you can express your own person and personal signature freely, without being troubled with themedia’s complexities and limitations. This project is one of many in a widerange of different media collaborations I have been involved in. I use these projects in my quest for an understanding of the visual world, of the joint language, of myself and of the possibilities of new combinations and collaborations.

Exploring the nature of glass in this project, I found the way glass absorbs, transforms and reflects light very appealing. It has a unique ability to be transparentand opaque at the same time, e.g. depending where you place yourself inrelation to the glass. The way reality can be distorted and twisted when the glass is shaped also had an influence on the making of the video loop andsoundscape.

The video loop and soundscape
The video loop was created from the idea of a single rain drop falling. A perfect round shape led to the round film format. This circular form inspired an abstract and sublime depicting of subjects such as, birth, lust, death andre-birth. A single raindrop falls, hits a surface and is absorbed in the systemonce again. Just like the cyclus of life. The audio created for ”Falling Water” are the sounds of rain, outer space, nuts hitting the floor, birds, dogs and much more, all chosen to appeal to and work with the memory of the body.

The past and future of ”Falling Water”
The project has been met with very large interest. At first “Falling Water” was selected for BIGG (Breakthrough Ideas In Global Glass) in Ohio, then we got theopportunity in Wakefield, and now it is to be shown at SOFA in Chicago. In January we will further develop the project for an exhibition in “A Gallery” in Copenhagen and we are currently working on exhibition plans for 2010/11. But most importantly we truly appreciate every time people use their valuable time on “Falling Water”.
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